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Layla Mattress Review – An Award Winning Mattress Brand

The following is a brief overview of the company Layla Sleep. The article will review some of the company’s best products as well as provide a description of the company website, ease of navigation as well as the process of purchasing of products on the website. At the end of this Layla mattress review, the potential customer will have a better understanding of the company as well as its most popular offerings. This will enable the customer to make an informed choice when seeking to purchase a product from the company.

Who is Layla Sleep?

layla sleep coupon codeLayla Sleep is an award winning mattress brand that manufactures copper infused mattresses. The company is the first one in the world to use copper infusion in their memory foams. Layla Sleep also manufactures award-winning foundations, bed frames, and pillows for its customers.

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What are They Selling at

Layla Sleep is selling copper-infused memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are all-foam and flappable, which means that they provide with two options for firmness. These mattresses are perfect for individuals that like to sleep on their sides owing to the immense comfort you experience even when lying on your side. You feel no pressure on your shoulder or hips.

They are also perfect for hot sleepers who want to remain cool as they sleep. This is thanks to the Thermogel Cover, which keeps the mattress cool throughout the night.

Other products sold on the website include the Layla Pillow that is made from kapok fibre, the Layla Foundation and Layla Bed Frames.

Best-Selling Products at

The following is the most popular products sold at Layla Sleep. These products include Layla Mattress, Layla Pillow, Layla Foundation and Layla Bed Frames. The descriptions will provide you with the insight required on the materials used in the manufacture of the products, as well as the benefits of the products to a comfortable night sleep.

1. Layla Mattress

layla mattress coupon

The Layla mattress is the only mattress in the world that has copper infused into its foam. In addition, this mattress also comes with flappable firmness with one side being soft, and the other side being firm. The mattress also contains a Thermogel cover, which cools the mattress.

The Layla mattress comes in a variety of sizes. These sizes include Queen-size, Full-size, King-size, Cal King-size, Twin XL size, and Twin size. Hence, there is a mattress size for everyone.

Why Should I Choose Layla Mattress?

You should choose Layla Mattress because of its double firmness. The Layla mattress has two sides with different levels of firmness. One side is soft, while the other side is firm. The double firmness helps ensure that every type of sleeper is comfortable on the Layla Mattress. It is also cool to the touch owing to the copper infusion, which guarantees you a cool, comfortable night, unbothered by excess heat. In addition, the copper infusion guarantees you more support as you sleep as well as a cleaner, healthier bedtime. Check this video to know how to have a healthier night’s sleep with Layla Sleep mattress:


What kind of material is Layla Mattress made from?

layla mattress review

Layla mattress is infused with copper to provide more support as well as ensure that you remain cool throughout the night. The 3-inch copper infused memory foam contains antimicrobial properties as well as extensive compression support.

Furthermore, the mattress also contains a 2-inch convoluted support foam to guarantee maximum airflow and depth of convulsions. In addition, a 4.5-inch base support foam offers the user core support.

How firm is the Layla mattress?

Layla Mattress has flappable firmness. This means that one side of the mattress is soft while the other is extra firm.

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2. Layla Pillow

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The Layla Pillow is a super comfortable pillow from Layla Sleep. It is made using kapok fibre, which is derived from the seed pods found in the Kapok trees. The makers of the pillow chose this material because it is void of any pesticides.

Why Should I Choose Layla Pillow?

You should choose Layla Pillow because it is 100% natural as it is made from the Kapok fibre. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and bird/environmentally friendly.

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3. Layla Foundation

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The Layla Foundation is a strong bed foundation that is made with 100% solid spruce construction. The foundation also consists of a zippered cover with six sides and custom-made stitches.

Why Should I Choose Layla Foundation?

You should choose Layla Foundation because it offers you easy assembly, solid spruce construction, and a six-sided zipped cover. It is also an excellent fit for most mattresses.

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4. Layla Bed Frame

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This is a bed frame from Layla Sleep that is made using composite and steel rail technology. The interior of the composite is also reinforced, which guarantees durability and support.

Why Should I Choose Layla Bed Frame?

The interior of the Layla Bedframe is reinforced in order to guarantee durability and strength. The solid steel rails also ensures zero motion transfer which guarantees absolutely no creaking noise when there is movement on the bed. The bed frame is also aesthetically appealing with its fiberglass infused resin-tapered legs. It is also quite easy to assemble.

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Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

layla sleep review

The website ( is easy to navigate, and all of the pertinent information you require can be found on the homepage of the site.

Shopping Processing

Customers can find accurate product descriptions of all the products in their respective pages. Once you identify a product you like on the site, click on it, and you will be directed to the purchase confirmation page. You can add as many products to your shopping cart as you would like.

Order & Payment

When you select your preferred product, and have entered and confirmed all of your payment details

Customer Service

The site contains a FAQ page with all the relevant questions that customers usually have about Layla products. These questions range from issues to do with shipping, payment plans, and product materials.

There is also a contact page on the website where you can get in touch with the company’s customer care representatives. If you have a question, fill out the form on the contact page, and send it, and you will receive a prompt message from the company.

The company has also provided its email address as well as telephone number on this contact page.

Online Support

The website has a 24-hour Live Chat support system where you can communicate in real time with a customer care representative.

Finally, Should I Buy at

Yes, you should buy at the company because they offer durable, high quality, and environmentally safe mattresses, pillows, and foundations. The Layla mattresses are unique as they are infused with copper, guaranteeing you a cool healthy night’s rest. In addition, the Layla products offer amazing support for the back, the shoulders, and the hips guaranteeing you a comfortable night’s sleep. Lastly, when you purchase a Layla product, you get 120 night trials as well as a lifetime warranty.

How to Order at

Simply visit the website, select the Layla product you wish to buy and follow the steps that appear on the website. If you purchase a Layla product today, please check our special Layla mattress coupon codes where you can get up to $100 OFF.

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Layla Sleep coupon codeLayLa Sleep Special Promotion:

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