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An In-depth SnoreMeds Review – Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

SnoreMeds continue to provide Mandibular devices that help provide relief to people who snore. SnoreMeds devices work by helping to move your lower jaw forward. The shift helps to open your throat. An open throat means that your airways will remain open, and unobstructed, and snoring will be prevented. The mouthpiece devices are comfortable to wear and are made from thermoplastics. The thermoplastics used are cleared for FDA hyper allergens, are BPA free, and free from latex. The following is an in-depth SnoreMeds review to guide customers about the company and its anti snoring products.

What is SnoreMeds?

SnoreMeds coupon codeThe SnoreMeds is a anti snoring mouthpiece made of the MAD design. The stop snoring devices come in two sizes that you can choose from.

The smaller one is designed for small mouths; women prefer the smaller size more. The larger device is designed for men. This anti snoring mouthpiece is one single piece device that has a hole for air at the front. The hole is important since some people may want to breathe using the mouth in their sleep.

The product is designed simply and does not need to be adjusted in any way. You will, however, need to prepare it through the boil and bite procedure that is used in all of the other MAD products. It is important to carefully go through this procedure properly for the device to fit into the structure of your jaw and denture.

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Key Features of SnoreMeds Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

  • The device has a front air hole to help you breathe with your mouth.
  • This stop snoring mouthpiece is made from material that is BPA and latex free, and it meets the quality standards of FDA (
  • It utilizes the boil and bite technology thus reducing the need for other adjustment functions.
  • It is very light and has reduced the drooling effect.
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste can be used for cleaning it due to its simple design.

Why Should I Choose SnoreMeds?

SnoreMeds is the best option, and it comes off recommended by health practitioners.

The design of the device does not need the use of screws of bands to adjust the size. This makes the device very easy to use.

The SnoreMeds also allows you to breathe with your mouth since it has an air hole.

How Does This Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Look?

SnoreMeds snoring mouthpiece review

SnoreMeds looks more or less the shape of the mouth. It has an air hole at the front which runs through to the back. It also has some cusps that allow for the insertion of the blue spatula.

How Does SnoreMeds Fit?

If it is your first time using the device, you may find that the process may somehow intimidate you. But trying it is worthwhile all the same.

You will need a few things for fitting the SnoreMeds.

  • Pot for boiling the water
  • two bowls for holding the water
  • a stop watch to keep track of time
  • Ice

How to Use SnoreMeds:

  • Start by boiling water in your pot.
  • Place some ice water in one bowl as the water boils.
  • Insert the blue spatula inside the air hole at the front of the mouthpiece.
  • After the water has boiled, pour it into the empty bowl and dip the SnoreMeds completely in the water. Keep holding the spatula as you would a handle.
  • Check to ensure that the SnoreMeds are immersed submerged for exactly 18 seconds. Use your stop watch for this step. The procedure will help to soften the material enough, to allow for the making of a mold.
  • After 18 seconds are done, remove the device from the water and put it into your mouth. Ensure that the side that is curved points up.
  • Bite down firmly as you extend your jaw. Hold the device in this position for at least forty seconds.
  • After your forty seconds re over, immerse it in the ice cold water. This will help in hardening the device.
  • Take it out of the ice water and put it back in your mouth to see whether the mold turned out fine.
  • You can only re-fit the appliance twice. Any more than two re-fits will spoil the device.

How Does SnoreMeds Work?

An upper airway found behind the tongue can cause you to snore if it is partially blocked. During the day, you may not snore since you are active, but your muscles may tend to relax while sleeping. The relaxation of the muscles around your airway while sleeping may cause the airway to become narrow, and this will reduce snoring.

Snoring is due to vibration of the soft tissues on the upper part of the airway which results when air rushes through the narrow airway. The vibration caused is the sound referred to as snoring.

The SnoreMeds anti snoring device works by holding the soft palate and the tongue forward. This will naturally open the airway.

What Makes SnoreMeds Different to Others?

The first thing that will capture your attention is the easy procedure used to fit the device. Procedures used in configuring other products is longer and very tiring.

How Much Does It Cost?

A single piece of SnoreMeds snoring mouthpiece goes for $40.95 for each mouth piece.

However, there are a lot of in-house deals always for buying more than a single piece at each time.

A 4 pack piece sells at $24.73 per unit nearing a 50% discount from the regular price.

You can still purchase two pieces where you will buy a single piece at $29.97

Note that returns can only be made for the 1mouthpiece device purchase.

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A Few SnoreMeds Reviews from Actual Customers:

One client says that the SnoreMeds are easy to fit and that they also feel quiet comfortable. He also says that at first he had some drooling and it keeps coming back from time to time, but he is most importantly glad that the snoring has stopped.

Another client says that the SnoreMeds has helped a lot since the volume of his snore has remarkably decreased. He thinks that she will try changing the length of his jaw extension to finish the snore, which he believes she will stop totally.

Another customer sharing his opinion says that SnoreMeds worked as well as he thought it would. He says that SnoreMeds helped him to stop snoring and that it is comfortable and fine to have. He went on to say that he would recommend it to anyone else who needed to use it.

Quick Reviews

Website Layout

SnoreMeds review is simply built and has a formal touch to its layout. It is also an ad free site and only feature the SnoreMeds activities. The website has easily accessible tabs that can help you easily navigate through the whole site. It entails a blog with articles written to help educate people on why their products are healthy to use.

The FAQS are well written and detailed enough to help you understand everything.

The website also has a SnoreMeds customer review page where you can check the reviews shared by previous customers.

The website also features a shop where you can make an online purchase for the products you want to buy.

Orders and Shipping

For you to buy their products, you can choose an option to create an account on their website or check out as a guest. Shipping a single device will cost you $7.4. The device selling at $40.95 will mean that the total cost will be $48.79.

The company offers a 45 days return policy which is much better than other companies. The shipping cost is nonrefundable.

Customer Service

The customer service seems to be okay with the Snore Meds. They respond courteously when contacted and they reply to emails. You may have a problem with local time contacting but they are based in South Africa with other off shore distributors.

Online Support

The website has a chat button where you can engage one on one with the company. They also have a contact number on the website where you can reach them easily.

The FAQs read that they have a team of experts who respond and answer to queries within a 48 hour period. They also have a contact form that you can use to reach them through email.

SnoreMeds Review – Final Verdict

SnoreMeds device is worth a try. It comes off with a very low price compared to other anti-snore devices. It is also easy to use and super light, and these are a plus. Most of the customers also seem happy too, and you can therefore comfortably try using the device.

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